Metal table legs with double central bar- U shaped - UA2B8040
Consolle single leg - U shape - Con806

2x Metal table legs with double central bar - U shaped - U2B8040 *Required step

Metal table legs with central bar

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Tube dimensions: 80x40mm

 The table legs are made by hand and are designed to support very heavy table tops. The structure comes with ready-made fixing holes to ensure an easy fix.


If our catalogue does not include the measurements you require, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can manufacture any shape or size.


Different types of finish are available:

- No paint (Non verniciate): the legs are always shipped unpainted;

- Black (Nero): powder paint, matt black;

- White(Bianco): powder paint, white;

- Clear(Trasparente): clear paint which highlights the detail of the craftsman’s work. Ideal for a more industrial style.

- Corten Effect


Powder paint is applied dry, using different types of powders coloured with synthetic resins as the primary material. The powder sticks to the surface and covers it due to an electrostatic effect; that is, the powder is subject to a negative electric charge, while the material over which it is applied is connected to an earth wire. Once covered, the painted object is placed in a special oven where it undergoes a baking process for the appropriate time depending on the type and colour of the paint used. During baking, the powder melts and polymerises, forming a thick adhesive coating.

Once the paint is hard, dry and has cooled, the resulting product is extraordinarily resistant: it does not scratch, crack, or lose its colour intensity.


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